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North Atlantic Programs

Gander  Co-op's partnerhip with North Atlantic Petroleum is another value added in the process of Gander Co-op meeting and exceeding our members' needs. Through this partnership, North Atlantic Petroleum is offering a Three Cent ($0.03) per Litre Rebate on cash OR debit gas purchases in the form of coupons that are redeemable for mechandise at Gander Co-op. The coupons are valued at ten ($0.10) and fifty ($0.50) cents and one dollar ($1.00)


If you use oil to heat your home, why not get groceries at the same time? Make the switch to North Atlantic and you'll be awarded one Co-op Gift Card during the year - once in the month of December. The more Co-op Members who switch to North Atlantic, the more groceries YOU get. So get everyone on board and give us a call. For information, call the Co-op local office in Gander (709-256-4843)  or check at the Co-op Front End Office.

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