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When you become a member you help to strengthen the Co-op and the benefits it offers, both to you and your community. Over time, the members of Gander Co-op have developed and molded a co-operative business structure that best meets the needs of the community. Through the co-operative efforts, over 7000 member-families enjoy the advantages of becoming a member.

Advantages of Becoming a Member
  • Provides helpful and friendly management & staff.

  • Offers competitive prices.

  • Offers a great variety of quality merchandise and groceries.

  • Gives a sense of pride in being part owner of such a successful business.

  • Provides scholarships to our local schools.

  • Provides leadership skills to the many residents who serve as directors.

  • Provides a multi-million dollar store that is community owned and controlled.

  • Supports community events and initiatives.

  • Provides employment to over 60 local residents.

How to Become a Member

To become a member of the Gander Co-op you must purchase a $5 membership and a $5 fee for 2 cards. You are then given a co-op number and every time you shop at the co-op your purchases are recorded under that number. At year end, any profit the co-op makes is shared among members in the proportion to the amount they have spent.

If you wish to become a member of the Gander Co-op or looking for further information please contact us at 709.256.4843

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