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Freshest Choice Meats

At Gander Co-op our commitment is quality. We understand the importance of offering our members the finest quality meat products from both here in Newfoundland Labrador as well as from across North America. Our Steakhouse Quality Beef is selected from only the top North American grades to ensure satisfaction every time.

Gander Co-op tender trim pork is cut from the freshest pork available and it never contains flavor enhancers. At Gander Co-op, we source poultry from right here on the island. Fresh poultry is rushed to our stores several days each week, ensuring only the best product is offered for sale.

At Gander Co-op, our skilled meat cutters take the time to trim and prepare our products in our stores everyday thus ensuring our high standards are maintained. Gander Co-op’s meat department only offers the best and freshest choices in meat, poultry, and seafood. Whether is a just the right size cut steak for the little one, or a ginormous cut for dad on his special day, we will have it cut right then and there for you.

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